hfs-project-teamHambleton FoodShare is a community partnership which provides emergency food parcels for people who are struggling to feed themselves and their families.

The aim of this scheme is to provide a three-day emergency food parcel to people in temporary financial crisis who otherwise would have to go hungry due to their various circumstances. This could be because they have lost their job, become incapacitated or the result of a delay in benefit payments, for example.

The volunteer-led food bank operates from Zion United Reformed Church Hall, off Northallerton High Street, every
Monday between 4pm and 6pm.

To receive an emergency parcel customers must be able to demonstrate their need primarily by being referred through an agency or by an initial self-referral. The referral agencies include Citizens Advice, Broadacres Housing Association, Hambleton District Council, North Yorkshire County Council, Foundation and Horizons.

A MESSAGE FROM OUR CHAIRMAN, Michael Websterfoodshare-green-flow

“It comes as a surprise to many that there is a need for a food bank in our area which is perceived as being generally prosperous. This is not our experience over the three years during which we have been operating. We have given several thousand food parcels to people, including children, who for various reasons are in the dreadful situation of being unable to provide food. We look forward to the day when we are no longer needed, but sadly there is little prospect of that happening. In the meantime I commend the work of Hambleton FoodShare to you.”


Michael Webster – Chairman, Steve Cowie – Vice-Chairman, Anne Ash – Secretary
Susan Bush, Caroline Dickinson, Elizabeth Harbord, David Kerfoot, MBE and Ian Johnson.


Our Project Co-ordinator is employed to keep Hambleton FoodShare operational. This is achieved by raising public awareness, encouraging donations of both money and food and managing the volunteers along with many other duties.


Hambleton FoodShare could not operate without a loyal team of volunteers who help with Monday evening sessions, Monday stock collection, Tuesday donation management, Wednesday Soup & Roll, Thursday stock top-up, fundraising and administration.